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NC Inmate Dies After Medical Neglect

Inmate allegedly died from medical neglectDo You Think This Alleged Case of “Medical Neglect” Should be Treated as a Crime?

According to The Media Co-Op, a Durham County Detention inmate, Matthew McCain, died in his cell a few days ago after staff ignored emergency call buttons pressed by several inmates. Inmates have reported that Officer Boria has ignored emergency call buttons in the past. Other reports say that inmates are routinely denied proper medical treatment within the system of abuse at this facility. McCain allegedly died as a result of the lack of medical attention.

So far, I have not been able to find any information in the mainstream news media about this incident being the result of criminal neglect or medical neglect. News sources such as, WRAL Channel 5 and WLOS Channel 13, have reported on the death. Neither have gone into details about what did or did not occur leading up to McCain’s death. Neither have covered the story from the perspective of the incident being felonious. However, many underground news sources, like The Media Co-Op and others, have elaborated on the Durham County Sheriff misleading the public by keeping the details of the inmate’s death a secret.

On a personal note, as this relates to my daughter’s neglect at Vidant Medical Center, it does seem that only certain instances of criminal neglect are made aware to the public. But from what I can tell, those cases have more to do with mistreatment of animals, young children, and the elderly; and IN THAT ORDER. Isn’t that unfortunate? I’ve been trying for almost two years for someone in the mainstream media to take the circumstances of my daughter’s death seriously and give it some news coverage. But dogs and cats… and especially dogs…. let the pooch suffer from any type of abuse and neglect, from taping the mouth with duct tape to shooting one in a parking lot, and it’s all over the news. It may even get national attention.

That’s not to say that people should not be punished for doing insane things to animals. What I am saying is that PEOPLE, regardless of age, ethnicity, or circumstance, should be given the same recognition in the news media if they suffered serious injury or loss of life as a result of a felonious crime.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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