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Justice for Keisha Marie White

Justice for Keisha Marie White

Justice for Keisha Marie White

I am Keisha’s mother and wrote this story as if I was speaking for her. Here is what I believe she’d say to you if she could…

Hi. I was 26 years old when I was admitted to Vidant Medical Center (previously, Pitt Memorial Hospital) in Greenville, NC for lupus-related complications. This is where my life would end while under the care of Nurse Linda Brixon, RN on May 10, 2014, the day before Mother’s Day. My cause of death was anoxic brain injury; lack of oxygen. Medical records say I was on room air despite doctor’s orders for oxygen therapy and continued cardiac monitoring. I told the Aide that I was having trouble breathing, and she told my nurse. Reports say Brixon didn’t want to hear it. As my brain began to starve for oxygen, I became confused and agitated. I could no longer communicate effectively to anyone what I was going through. I pulled off my cardiac leads, I pulled out my catheter, and I fell to the floor each time I got out of bed. So much gas built up in my blood stream that I felt like I was on fire. But rather than address my symptoms, the nursing staff shackled me to the bed with a vest and wrist restraints. They failed to reconnect my cardiac leads at that point. The pulse-oximeter revealed my oxygen had dropped to 62% at 2 a.m. No one notified the doctor. The cardiac monitor did not sound in my room. My mother had no idea I was in trouble, and I was unable to tell her. The monitor technician was alerted at the station and informed the nurse several times that I needed my cardiac leads reconnected. She made excuses to the tech and told a coworker that since she had connected them 4 times earlier that night, she would not do it again. I was in cardiac arrest, and eventually, the technician’s alarm ceased to sound. Someone had come into my room and silenced the monitor altogether; yet no one came to my room to save my life until it was too late. An Aide found my lifeless body at about 5:45a.m.  Code Blue was called. But despite the response team’s best efforts, I was brain-dead. How can a nurse strap someone to a bed, fail to follow physician’s orders, allow the patient to enter cardiac arrest, fail to alert physicians when stats reached critical levels, refuse to notify family that there’s a problem, likely the one responsible for silencing my monitor, and just leave me to die? To endure such treatment for hours is torture. A tortuous death involving intentional decisions could be prosecuted as 1st degree murder.  Manually silencing the alarms could suggest a premeditated action; possibly prosecuted as 1st degree murder. Omission of a legal duty that causes death could be prosecuted as 2nd degree murder. Intentional patient abuse and neglect that leads to death is a Class C felony. Yet, the Greenville Police Department has made no arrests, and the Pitt County District Attorney, Kimberly Robb, has refused to move forward with action. My mother has been fighting for justice for me since she learned of several details in June 2014. My medical records, NC DHHS and the NC Board of Nursing can substantiate the claims, but no one will do anything to make sure justice is served. WILL YOU? I was taken from my mom on Mother’s Day weekend. WILL YOU help her and the rest of my family get justice for my death? WILL YOU contact the Greenville PD at (252) 329-4315 or the Pitt County DA’s Office at (252) 695-7200 and ask why? Numerous people have been charged criminally for animal abuse in NC. One such case was prosecuted in July 2015 in Pitt County. WILL YOU ask them why a dog’s life is worth more than mine? WILL YOU?

(To see the online copy of the NC DHHS report, click here.)



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